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A Nationwide Network of World Class

Medical Legal Expert Witnesses


MLXperts was founded by Ronald S. Kvitne, M.D. with a single mission: To consistently provide the highest quality Medical Expert opinions, consultations and testimony for the Defense or Plaintiff, in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Insurance Disability Claims. We want to provide you with comprehensive Medical Legal Record Reviews, and if necessary, Independent Medical Legal Examinations to use as leverage to obtain favorable settlements without the time, expense and exposure of going to Arbitration or Trial. Dr. Kvitne has specialized in the Medical Legal Expert Witness field for over 30 years and has built a network of World Class Experts to assist law firms nationwide.

During the Medical Record Review process, MLXperts will author a thoughtful, written report expressing medical expert opinions based upon extensive and systematic review of all the case information and medical records provided to us.


By incorporating the Medical Record Review and the Independent Medical Exam into one detailed, comprehensive report, our Medical Experts can help create a foundation upon which to build a strong case and an opportunity for legal counsel to settle the claim before resorting to Arbitration or Trial.

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Our Medical Expert Witnesses will provide thoughtful, written reports which express their expert opinions, which can be used to settle most claims without going to Arbitration or Trial. 

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Having examined over hundreds of thousands of patients, our Medical Experts have the clinical acumen acquired from years of experience to opine on any medically related injury or illness.


In cases of Medical Malpractice, the credibility of your Medical Expert Witness is paramount. Our Medical Experts' education, training and experience is second to none.

Free consultations are offered. Call our office at (800) 660-9104 or click Request an Expert today for rapid, reliable response.

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